We all know built-in shelves are one of the most important parts of a home, but what happens when you’re stuck with what came with your house? The built-ins available in the house you bought were perhaps useful and trendy when you first moved in. Now, you want to simplify and modernize them.

It’s possible to do with simple things like accessorizing, painting, and lighting. All of these have creative possibilities that place your shelves in-tune with the interior style you prefer.

Here’s some ideas to get started.

Accessorizing Your Built-In Shelves

The built-ins you’ve had may look overly plain and need some accessorizing to add something in line with your current design tastes. If you’re going to accessorize, we recommend coming up with a theme. Your theme could revolve around a color, or an object.

Take some time to sketch a drawing of how you want to accessorize. You’ll want to carefully choose the books you place on the shelf to match any color scheme. The key is to declutter and simplify.  The main problem that we see when working with a client is there isn’t enough balance between items. For example, you will want to style your built in’s with a balance of books and accessories. To truly make your built-in stand out, include unique and interesting items.  You’ll want to do the same with faux greenery, though don’t overdo it to maintain variety.

Don’t forget about framed photos, and unique bookends. Adding reflective decor also helps since it bounces natural light and highlights your shelf.

Using Paint to Change the Style of Your Shelves

Paint can make a big difference in your accessorizing above. However, just painting your shelves alone can do a lot to simplify or bring them up to date.

One good idea is to paint the back of your shelves, otherwise known as bright backing. We recommend you leave some space on each shelf so the color you choose stands out. Using light-toned colors work well when you’re trying to brighten up a room.

You may also want to paint your shelves to match your room’s trim or woodwork. This creates a seamless feel to your theme throughout the room’s space.

Using Lighting for Unique Effects

Don’t forget about the use of lighting on your shelves to make them come alive. Lighting can help modernize your shelves by highlighting specific accessories for visitors. Using lighting can even bring more simplification to your shelves if you want to display only a few accessories.

LED lights are always a good choice, and this includes strip lighting. Some recommend LED reels, something you can apply similar to tape.

Natural lighting works well when you use the reflective decor mentioned above. It’s possible to make your shelves central focus this way rather than merely blending into the woodwork.

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